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Birth trauma

In one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of life, sadly some women, their children, and the people around them experience the effects of birth trauma. 

Botched surgery

Surgical errors can happen to anyone in any procedure. It is classified as something going wrong during, or shortly after a surgery as a result of it, and which could have reasonably been avoided. 

Delayed diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis occurs when there is an unnecessary delay in diagnosis of a condition that results in serious consequences. 


Misdiagnosis occurs when a doctor or health care professional incorrectly diagnoses an illness, condition, or disease. 

Medication error

Medication errors are a result of the incorrect prescription of provision of medication by doctors, nursers, and other medical professionals. 

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You don’t pay a cent in professional fees, unless we win. Once we have won the battle together, our fees will come directly from your compensation. 

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Losing everything you’ve worked for at the hands of medical negligence is a tragedy. A tragedy no one should face. ​

We will work relentlessly to get back what was taken from you, and make sure it happens to nobody else. 

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Nobody should have to pay for someone else's mistake, and part of that is receiving initial guidance. Before you have even started a claim, we will give you the free, expert advise you need to understand where you stand, what your rights are, and what schemes you should be accessing.


Receive a clear plan.

One of the hardest parts of a compensation claim is knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it best to maximise your payout. By receiving a plan you are guaranteed a clear cut idea of your next steps. 


Be nurtured with ongoing counsel.

Don’t be left at the door. Receive steady guidance and care throughout your entire claim, available via phone, in-house meetings, and at-home visits.

I spoke to a lawyer about a possible legal case which is still in it's early stages. He gave me a lot of very helpful advice and a detailed course of action. I will definitely be using their services if it goes to court.

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