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How do you know if you are out of time for a claim?
What are limitation periods?Every state has a law, known as the statute of limitation, that restricts the time a person[...]
5 Office Exercises for Relieving Neck Pain
You wouldn’t go running, bench press or sit in a car for 8 hours continuously without a break or two[...]
Tips for Rehab After Knee Surgery From A Physio
Tips for Rehab after Knee Surgery Knee surgery. The concept can make even the strongest person cringe in sympathetic pain.[...]
How to make a medical negligence complaint – Step 1: Complaining to your Doctor
In a perfect world, we would be 100 percent satisfied with the treatment and advice sought from medical professionals every[...]
1 Simple Exercise to relieve Neck Pain Now
If you have a neck injury which may have resulted from a motor vehicle accident, a fall or an injury[...]
Part 3: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The final phase
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
Knee Pain? You Should See a Chiro
If you have ever suffered a knee injury, you would be well aware that it feels like your knee never[...]
Shoulder injury not getting better? Could it be the Rotator Cuff?
Have you injured your shoulder? Whether it is the result of a crash, accident or repetitive use strain, shoulder pain[...]
7 Tips For Women on Staying Strong and Healthy at Any Age
It is essential these days to maintain strength and health. We are all living longer and what is the point[...]
5 Ways To Hold Careless Doctors Accountable
Vince KarteloPrincipalDo not rely on your doctor’s medical records. It is common sense that careless doctors typically take unreliable notes[...]