CONTROL© AUDIT consistently delivers big compensation payouts to genuine VICTIMS OF MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE

Everyone loves to have control. It makes us feel safe. Secure. Superior even.

Whether it’s controlling the dog on an afternoon walk, or controlling your plans with friends. Perhaps it’s controlling the team at work or your personal finances. Perhaps it’s being the most successful person in your group. Whatever it is, it’s a big deal!

We are all humans. We all crave control. And that’s okay.
Most understand. Most also understand it can drive you crazy because…
Not all things in life can be controlled.
No matter how hard you try, some circumstances are unforeseeable.
You can do all of your research on doctors. You can chat to your friends for recommendations. You can scour the hospital websites. But it's not going to stop you from receiving poor medical treatment.
And once you are victim of the incident, you can feel as though you’re on a slippery slide. But unlike a normal slippery slide, you haven’t initiated the descent. Someone has put you at the top and pushed you.
Because nobody ever goes to a doctor if they know they are going to treat them poorly, right?

"Nobody ever goes to a doctor if they know they are going to treat them poorly, right?"

You can never be certain when that will happen.
Unforeseen incidents can rob you of your ability to work. Your ability to play. Your ability to have independence. Your ability to have control of your life.
And you shouldn’t be robbed of any more than you have. After all, you’ve worked hard. You've done your research. You've spoken to your friends. You've called around. You don’t deserve to be robbed of any more.
Insurance for the medical system is designed to protect doctors from medical negligence claims. And the insurers are king at delay and denial tactics.
And the best way to defeat delay and denial tactics from an insurer is with a lawyer. A lawyer that you can control.

We understand, that sounds impossible...

Lawyers can take you for a wild ride when they're in control.

It’s really quite easy. You take control by quite literally using CONTROL©.
What is CONTROL©?
It is a simple audit process to put you back in the driver’s seat.
A seven step process to guarantee faster, fairer payouts. A process to refine and perfect the quality of the legal advice you receive. A bulletproof process for total certainty.
The seven step CONTROL© Audit is simple. Each letter of the word is a step in the process. And together, the steps guarantee every element of work performed, every piece of legal advice, is in your control:
  • Cost - What will this cost?
  • Obviousness - Is the process clear?
  • Negotiable - Do I have the options to negotiate what I want?
  • Time-bound - Are there strict deadlines?
  • Risk-assessed - Is the process risky?
  • Outcome-orientated - Is there a goal for every step?
  • Legal - Is the advice lawful?

The control© audit is simple.

It’s a matter of asking your lawyer some simple questions, which will be outlined in a minute. Their answers will determine whether you will be guaranteed:
  • Maximum compensation
  • Bulletproof certainty
  • A stress-free process

Step 1: Cost

The CONTROL© audit kicks off with the most important element…
  • Can I aff​​​ord this?
  • Will the cost be worth it?
  • Do the fees ever end?
  • Am I going to be ripped off?
It’s common knowledge that cost and stress are close friends.
You get overwhelmed. You hesitate. You feel lost.
It’s understandable.
No one wants to be left in the dark about price. And certainly no one wants to hear “it depends” when you ask how much something costs.
No one likes price uncertainty. And no one should waste their time talking to someone who avoids the cost conversation.
Not to worry. There is a way to get on the front foot and force your lawyer to discuss costs. All you have to do is ask:

ask your lawyer

  • Are you working on an item-based cost structure?
  • Are you disclosing all costs?
  • Are you offering fixed-costs?

fixed costs

"A set amount paid for work or a service, that does not change with the time the work takes of the amount the service is used" (Lexicon, 2017)
Meaning the cost will not vary, whether it takes 3 months or 3 years to complete. Not one dollar more. Not one cent more.
Fixed costs are based off the mean or median price for pay-by-the-hour lawyers.


"The amount of money that is charged, paid, or earned for every hour worked" (Cambridge, 2018)
The result is a fee that sits near the middle of the price range.

An example of how a fixed-fee lawyer runs their pricing
For example, Sheryl needs to get witness statements. It could take a lawyer anywhere from twenty minutes to ten hours of work to obtain the statements. It all depends on the helpfulness of those at the hospital, the location of the witnesses, and the credibility of their words.
This means it could cost anywhere from $200-$2500 for a pay-by-the-hour lawyer to do the work.
Contrast that with the fixed-fee lawyer. He’s based his fees off the mean cost, and has proposed $1100 flat to get Sheryl her witness statements completed.  
Now $1100 may be $900 more than the lowest cost possible. BUT it is $1400 cheaper than the highest price. And that’s not where it ends.


An example of the never-ending costs for pay-by-the-hour lawyers

Fixed fees thus becomes highly beneficial to most. Most, that is, excluding the daredevils. The risk takers. The thrill seekers. Those who like to live on the edge.
The majority who want certainty will find solace in a fixed-fee lawyer. For ultimate peace of mind. Like most would pick a fixed-interest bank loan.
And like most, Sheryl’s biggest fear was cost. But now, Sheryl can budget for the legal costs. She can evaluate the costs. She can decide whether it’s feasible. All before signing any agreements for the lawyer to proceed.

"The majority who want certainty will find solace in a fixed-fee lawyer. For ultimate peace of mind."

Just like when you’re picking between two four-wheel drives and you realise one comes with fixed-fee servicing for 3 years.
For just $240 a visit, you can be guaranteed your first 6 services will be capped. Or, you can pick the varying service fee. Your first visit could cost just $100 for a check, but your 5th visit could cost $1500.
You could be taking a walk. Having a swim. Catching up with friends. All while you wait. But instead, you’re stressed. Wondering what your mechanic is doing. Wondering if you can pay for whatever your mechanic is doing.
Most would pick the fixed-fee option because they want to be certain the job will get done for a price they can afford.
Just like Sheryl wanted to be sure her lawyer could get the job done for a price she could afford.
She used a lawyer that offered a project managed process. Just like you would want a project-managed servicing agreement.
That is:

every task outlined. clear. costed. structured. deadline driven.

  • No shortcuts.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No games.
Using the CONTROL© Audit, Sheryl can find the right lawyer for her. A lawyer that she can afford. A lawyer to give her:
  • Peace of mind
  • Quick results
  • Better results
  • Certainty
A lawyer that’s so cost-effective she can walk to her fridge, pour a glass of wine, and not care if it’s the Gossips or the Dom Perignon. 

Like what you've read? This is just a small part of something much greater!

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