CONTROL© AUDIT consistently delivers big compensation payouts to genuine VICTIMS OF MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE

Everyone loves to have control. It makes us feel safe. Secure. Superior even.

Whether it’s controlling the dog on an afternoon walk, or controlling your plans with friends. Perhaps it’s controlling the team at work or your personal finances. Perhaps it’s being the most successful person in your group. Whatever it is, it’s a big deal!

We are all humans. We all crave control. And that’s okay.
Most understand. Most also understand it can drive you crazy because…
Not all things in life can be controlled.
No matter how hard you try, some circumstances are unforeseeable.
You can do all of your research on doctors. You can chat to your friends for recommendations. You can scour the hospital websites. But it's not going to stop you from receiving poor medical treatment.
And once you are victim of the incident, you can feel as though you’re on a slippery slide. But unlike a normal slippery slide, you haven’t initiated the descent. Someone has put you at the top and pushed you.
Because nobody ever goes to a doctor if they know they are going to treat them poorly, right?

"Nobody ever goes to a doctor if they know they are going to treat them poorly, right?"

You can never be certain when that will happen.
Unforeseen incidents can rob you of your ability to work. Your ability to play. Your ability to have independence. Your ability to have control of your life.
And you shouldn’t be robbed of any more than you have. After all, you’ve worked hard. You've done your research. You've spoken to your friends. You've called around. You don’t deserve to be robbed of any more.
Insurance for the medical system is designed to protect doctors from medical negligence claims. And the insurers are king at delay and denial tactics.
And the best way to defeat delay and denial tactics from an insurer is with a lawyer. A lawyer that you can control.

We understand, that sounds impossible...

Lawyers can take you for a wild ride when they're in control.

It’s really quite easy. You take control by quite literally using CONTROL©.
What is CONTROL©?
It is a simple audit process to put you back in the driver’s seat.
A seven step process to guarantee faster, fairer payouts. A process to refine and perfect the quality of the legal advice you receive. A bulletproof process for total certainty.
The seven step CONTROL© Audit is simple. Each letter of the word is a step in the process. And together, the steps guarantee every element of work performed, every piece of legal advice, is in your control:
  • Cost - What will this cost?
  • Obviousness - Is the process clear?
  • Negotiable - Do I have the options to negotiate what I want?
  • Time-bound - Are there strict deadlines?
  • Risk-assessed - Is the process risky?
  • Outcome-orientated - Is there a goal for every step?
  • Legal - Is the advice lawful?

The control© audit is simple.

It’s a matter of asking your lawyer some simple questions, which will be outlined in a minute. Their answers will determine whether you will be guaranteed:
  • Maximum compensation
  • Bulletproof certainty
  • A stress-free process

Step 3: Negotiable

The third step in the CONTROL© audit is to test negotiability.
  • Is the process negotiable?
  • Can you negotiate your next step?
  • Will your negotiations give you control?

options give you the power to negotiate.

Without options you might feel helpless.
So does your lawyer give you options?
Some might. Others might leave you helpless. Feeling like you’ve been painted into the corner with little-to-no wiggle room.

It doesn't have to be this hard!
Wiggling means you have room to do whatever you want. You are not restricted. You are not confined. You are not held back.
You have freedom and options.

Two options can leave you between a rock in a hard place

Everyone can agree that 3 options seems to be the magic number.
1 option leaves people feeling confined. Forced to take a certain route. Zero control over where they’re going.
2 options can leave us between a rock and a hard place. Nothing in life is black and white, but two options can make you feel like it is. What if you don’t agree with option 1, or 2? Where’s the grey area?
Any more than 3 options and you’re getting into dangerous territory. So many options you lose control of them.
It’s like carrying ten pin bowling balls. Ten pin bowling balls made out of gold. You have to carry them from the bank to your house. No sack. No bag. No box.
You can only keep the gold bowling balls if you carry them without dropping any.
1 would be easy. 2, okay. 3 would get heavy. 4, maybe.
Take too few and you wonder if it’s worth it. But take too many and you’re likely to drop them all, leaving you with nothing.
It’s easy to lose control because there are too many balls to carry.
The same could be said for a medical negligence claim.
The same could be said for something as simple as buying milk.
Who would’ve thought it would be that hard to just get what you’re after.  
Realistically, most people reach for full cream, skim, or dietary. 3 options.
Any more and you get confused. Confused what you want. Confused what the outcome will be. You doubt yourself.
You could grab the milk with extra-dollop and end up feeling bloated.
Three options in a compensation claim gives you the wiggle room to feel in control, without being overwhelmed.
And feeling overwhelmed is the last thing you want. All you want is one simple thing – compensation.
Compensation without the confusion. Compensation without the confinements. Compensation with three options at every step.

ask yourself, Do you have these options at every step?

  • Do I want to continue?
  • Do I want to consider another option?
  • Do I want to wait here?
If you want to have control over your compensation, make sure you have no more than, and no fewer than, three options. Three options that can give you negotiation room.
Negotiation room that means:
  • A claim without intimidation
  • Less time wasted, meaning faster compensation
  • An outcome you are happy with - no more no less

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