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What is negligence?

How do I know if my doctor was negligent?

How do I know if I am eligible to make a claim for medical negligence?

Can I bring a claim against any medical professional, or does it have to be a doctor?

The claims process

Can't I just make a complaint to the hospital?

Will I need to go to court?

Who will pay for my compensation?

Can I change lawyers during my claim?

Can I run my own claim?

Can I bring a claim on behalf of my child?

How does a claim affect the dodgy medical practitioner?

How long do I have to bring a claim?

How do I know if I qualify to make a medical negligence claim?

How do I start a claim for medical negligence?


Will I be out of pocket?

Will receiving Centrelink (or other benefits) affect my claim?

Do I have to pay for legal fees up-front?

Can undisclosed income or incomplete tax returns affect my claim?

Who pays for my compensation?

I first contacted this firm of Lawyers when faced with a decision whether or not to pursue a possible medical negligence claim. I first spoke with Georgia Atcheson and explained to her my situation and my very tight timeframe. Georgia was very attentive and asked me numerous questions and went through them with me to ensure she had all the details. I sent through all the documentation that I had, which was over 240 pages. I was most surprised, when that same day, Mr. Terry McCormick phoned me and I was even more surprised when I realized he had actually looked at all the information I sent him (over 240 pages).

Mr. Terry McCormick spoke to me at length and explained in detail my legal position, also explaining to me thoroughly, the reasons for each of his legal opinions. He was very honest and truly sincere in advising me that my case was not one that he thought would be successful. I had been dithering over my course of action for quite some time, and I felt very relieved and most sincerely grateful to Mr. Terry McCormick for his honesty and also his compassion. If you are looking for a Lawyer who will listen to you and advise you truthfully, I would most positively recommend Mr. Terry McCormick .

Following my discussion with Mr. Terry McCormick and thoroughly reading his subsequent correspondence, I felt confident that I had followed through all avenues possible to me, and that it was time to not let this matter consume any more of my energy and to move on with my fortunate future, including Husband, children and grandchildren. I feel very blessed.

dianne stirton

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